August 20, 2010

How it went....

I'll try to make this quick:

Meeting up with Mr. Fella with the Mancub in tow was nice, interesting and I wouldn't do it again - at least not in the near future.

Here's why:
  • Whenever the Mancub is with me, my attention is constantly referring to him making it damn near impossible to concentrate on anything else;
  • This leads to me not being the best conversationalist because I am constantly distracted by but focused on the Mancub;
  • I'm not used to the Mancub and I having an extra person around who I'm romantically interested in, which made me feel a little awkward;
  • This my friends does not make for a good first date/first time we've hung out since EVER even though we went to high school together and knew each other.
So even tough we've known each other for over 10 years we hadn't seen each other since maybe one time after high school graduation. It wasn't exactly as though I was meeting up with an old friend with the Mancub, I was meeting up with someone that I am attracted to and think dirty thoughts about. I won't be making that mistake again.

Other than that, it was a great day. There were laughs, I got to know more about him, he's still swoon-worthy in my eyes. We went to the Pacific Science Center, walked around Seattle Center, watched and sat by the International Fountain, watched a train & went promenading at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Mr. Fella was super sweet and played with the Mancub throughout our time together, which was also a little weird for me as well because I'm not used to men who aren't relatives hanging out with Mancub. But it was mostly sweet. I loved watching the Mancub run around the Tot Area in the PSC - he loooooves water so he spent a lot of time splashing around there. The end of the day was rapid, we were in a drop off zone and cars were driving quickly, he was trying to help me unload, I was trying to unstrap the Mancub so we could catch the ferry on time that all we did was a swift hug and a, "Maybe we can do this again before you leave."

Dudes, I wanted a kiss soooooooooo badly because he looked good and smelled, oh so yummy! My pheromones were bubbling just a wee bit. But how awkward of a situation is that for him? It's our first time hanging out, first time seeing me since high school and I don't look the same as I did back then, first time meeting the Mancub during our first time hanging out - ummmm...even I would question to kiss a single dad in front of his kid.

I asked him if he'd like to hang out Monday evening sans Mancub, that's a maybe.....

So now, the fella is camping.

We've had some fun banter via text since yesterday but we'll see.

"I'm breezy."

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