September 4, 2010

How it's been going

Now that the Mancub and I are back on the Island it means that we are no longer with my parents, in Seattle, near my besties and Mr. Fella. I have so much to share and will do throughout the next week along with dedicated posts to the Mancub for his birthday month. Can you believe he's going to be TWO?!?!?!?!?!?! Wow.

But right now, I want to share a bit about Mr. Fella.

Mr. Fella.....

Here's a list as to why I am head over heels over this fella (in no particular order):
  • His man voice, it makes me purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr;
  • His laugh and reasons why he laughs. He has the most contagious laugh and he will burst with laughter at the most simplest thing. It's adorable and as I mentioned before contagious. We can have a whole telephone conversation where all we do is laugh and our conversations last longer than an hour most of the time;
  • He's super easy to talk with;
  • He listens;
  • He has values, principles and standards and does not falter from them;
  • He wanted to meet the Mancub and hoped that my little man would like cute! It just shows that he someday wants a family;
  • He's a nature man but can still do the city too;
  • When it comes to relationships, he wants a partnership;
  • He's motivated and follows through; and
  • His man hands - I want to hold them.
He's a man. A real man. He works with his hands which I've always found super sexy in a man and he has a brain. Not that men who work with their hands don't, it's just that he does and it's super sexy. I feel like he could challenge me intellectually which is important because I can get bored with a man even if he's super hot and manly looking. If he doesn't use that brain, I lose interest pretty quick.

While Mr. Fella and I are still talking and texting we are not a couple. We like each other. Enjoy talking with each other. And while I would love to go for a long distance relationship, he wants his partner to be present; in the same vicinity. I respect that whole heartedly. So, we're just talking. Texting. And I adore him more and more each day.

I miss him. And we only saw each other twice while we were in Seattle but I sure do miss him. I'm not sure where things will go. He knows that I am available for him and only him. How often are you able to find someone that you're able to have a real connection with? Be attracted to?

A few people have suggested that Mancub and I return to Seattle to live there, so Mr. Fella and I can be together. That idea makes me puke. Not because Mr. Fella makes me puke but because doing something, changing my life for a man isn't me. The only man that I'm going to turn my life around for is the Mancub.

Even though I feel as though I could spend the rest of my life getting to know Mr. Fella, my priority is to do what's going to be best for Mancub and me. What's going to make us happy? What will make us feel fulfilled? What's going to make us thrive? What situation is going to work best for me and Mancub? Those are the most important questions to be answered right now.

Anything or anyone else is secondary.

So for now, Mr. Fella and I are talking. Enjoying our conversations and texts. <-- Indeed! I'm texting. How bizarre.
I'm just enjoying getting to know him.

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