August 17, 2010

A Fella

Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo internet peeps! Most of you who read this blog are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter. My Facebook folks are kind of in on a secret that my Twitter tats aren't.

I've got a crush! It's MAJOR and I like it.

How it happened?

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would pounce at everyone who was online on Facebook. I ended up chatting with a few folks from high school and college, catching up on the years gone by. One of them was a fella from high school, who we shall name Mr. Fella. He and I ended up chatting for three or four hours! That is a long ass time for anyone to be on the internet chatting with someone. But it didn't feel like it. Though the conversation was a bit oddball, it just flowed naturally. As if we'd been friends forever.

But, honestly, I didn't think we'd talk again. I thought of it as a nice time to catch up with an old classmate.

A week later, he pounced at me on Facebook and we chatted again. For a long time. About nothing and everything. And then, I gave him my phone number. I'll admit, it was so we could send each other dirty little messages because we flirted like that on Facebook and OH. MY. GOD! I read like a Facebook hooker. Oh well. But this fella was all about the classy. He was not interested in the dirty little messages since we had only conversed twice. What a gentleman! Wrote that gesture in my notebook.

So we sent text messages to each other for a few days. Then I ballsed up and we had a phone conversation, like the people did in the old days. We picked up the phone, dialed a phone number, one of us answered and we SPOKE INTO THE PHONE. Amazing! Do people still do that? We talked on the phone for two hours. Two. Hours. On the phone with a fella. Do people still do THAT? Seriously, who does that anymore? Unless if they're your best friend.

Anyway, we've been texting and talking for two hours almost everyday since the Mancub and I left for our August adventure. I love, love, loooooooooooove talking to this man. He listens, he laughs at my corny-ass jokes, he is caring, he participates in the conversation, he pokes fun at me in the most gentle way, he has a sexy man voice, he is lovely. I love that we both look forward to talking with each other. This guy is swoon-worthy. I'm swooning.

People, I haven't swooned since Mr. Perfect, who we'll now call The Pioneer. That was seven years ago. It's been SEVEN (7) years since I've had a real, makes my cheeks rosy, gets me giddy crush. And I'm crushing hard.

He's the sort of fella that you can see yourself in a relationship with. Dare I even say, spend a life with. We're not there yet. We haven't even established anything, other than we really enjoy talking with each other. But that's the sort of man he is, the kind you marry.

While he's that type of fella, I'm just enjoying this feeling, knowing that I can feel like this and talking with him; getting to know him. I'm in no rush for anything since he's a Washington man and the Mancub and I will soon be California people. Oh yeah, we'll be moving to So-Cal so I can be closer to work. More on that at a later date. So who knows where this will go and I'm just fine with that.

So that's the scoop right now. We'll be hanging out later this week and most likely with the Mancub in tow. And do you know what he said during one of our first conversations?

"I hope the Mancub likes me when he meets me."

And then my heart burst into a million pieces.

Who doesn't swoon over a fella like that?

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