May 5, 2010

Mission: 27 Things to do before I turn 27

Back in October 2009 I published a simple post listing 27 things to do before I turn 27. That was how many months ago? SEVEN MONTHS AGO!!! Guess when my birthday is.

June 20.

I am now a woman with a mission. To complete at least 90% of what is on that list so that is 24 things to complete before June 20, my 27th birthday. Think I can do it? Well I've already found peace with my present, made new friends, and cooked a big meal for friends. So that's 3 down and only 21 more to go. I could've stalked George Clooney while he was on island filming a movie but chickened out or perhaps had my head screwed on right. I know a couple of my friends would say that I chickened out. Oh well, not too concerned with that one. It'd be great if I could Christen the Mancub before I turn 27 but I think that takes planning and I don't know if I have the kind of talent.

The most important one I've already achieved and that's peace with my present. So the others are bonuses but since I'm competitive (even with myself) I'm thinking I'll try to complete at least 24 of those things.

I think the next important things to accomplish would be losing 30 lbs, but only in the healthy way because I'd like to lose that weight so that I can be healthy. Playing soccer helps but I'm thinking if I attempt to take a paddle lesson, learn to surf, take a yoga class, a hula lesson then those would be great steps into the right direction.

Paying back my parents would've been lovely but I decided to pay off my other debts first since (thankfully and graciously) my parents don't have interest on their loans. So I'll just keep slowly but surely pay back the 'rents.

Anysnooze, I should start blogging/journaling everyday. It's therapeutic. But my writing skills tend to be more lent to work, which I'm loving. Though I haven't obtained five accounts for my new job; Marketing Maven Public Relations, I have gotten more than five placements for various clients and with my recent TV placement I'm thinking I'm on the right track in a successful career. Which was my point in making the "five accounts for MMPR" goal.

OK thems the goals and my new mission. What do you think?

Think I can do it?

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