April 28, 2010

Now Accepting Applications for a Cuddle Buddy

One hundred percent of the time I feel lucky to be a single mom to the most beautiful little manchild. When we get home, it can be just us and it will sound selfish but I don't have to share him with anyone. I'm his all and he is my all.

BUT ninety percent of the time do I feel lucky to be a single woman.

There are times when I feel drained; mentally, emotionally and physically - like the past 5 days. It's those moments or days that it would be nice to have a partner or just a man to cuddle with. Most of the time I can hold my own but during that 10%, escaping into the arms of a man sound like heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I love to snuggle with the Mancub but he can't really snuggle back in the way that I need sometimes. He can wrap his sweet little arms around my face but I need the arms of a man to engulf me.

And friends? Well my gal friends don't want to snuggle me and well I don't really want to snuggle them. Talking with them about what's going on is helpful but I just need a man to wrap his arms around me. And guy friends? Yeah they don't exist here. Or at least I haven't made an effort to meet them because I like my mama friends and finding the time to meet man folk is a bit challenging with the changes I'm going through right now.

So with some stuff that's been going on the past several days I could just use a man and his arms. Like my friend Eric. He was the best cuddle buddy EVER! We had a very platonic relationship but people would think that we were a couple, understandably, because we cuddled, held hands and hugged each other in public but we were just friends.

It would be nice to have an Eric in my life at this moment but he's on the mainland and I'm on this little island we call Paradise.

As my friend Megan said, there should be a place where can rent man arms to hold us in our moments of cuddly needs, Hugs for Rent. I agree - though if I had my druthers I prefer the whole man rather than just the arms because it's nice to have a warm body to spoon with. Ahhhh....spooning.

How many other single parents go through this? What do you do about it?

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