February 5, 2010

The Year of Not Buying Gifts

After crunching some hefty numbers I have come to the conclusion that I will not be purchasing gifts for anyone during the year of 2010 though I am debating on that for the Bambino's second birthday. Perhaps, I'll throw a small party for him at the zoo or some kind of fun place for a two-year-old and his friends. We'll see.

But for the majority - NO GIFTS. That means no birthday gifts, no hostess gifts, no April Fool's pranks (because c'mon those are the best gifts from me), no mom & pop day gifts, no anniversary gifts, and especially NO CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

Though I will not be buying gifts for my loved ones it doesn't mean that I won't send a card or call my mom & dad on their respective parent's days. It just means that they won't have anything materialistic sent from me.

Why? Though I cannot disclose to the general public the main reason, there is one reason that should suffice: TO SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to be financially secure for myself and the Bambino. I'd like to be able to have my emergency fund back. Heck I'd like to be able to have a(n) emergency fund, retirment savings, and start a savings account for the Bambino. That way if my car ever breaks down again (knock on wood that it doesn't) then I'd like to take care of that on my own and not ask my parents for help. I'd like to one day buy a home that the Bambino and I may call our own. I'd like to be able to send us on a trip to Australia or Norway or Tanzania - anywhere in the world. More importantly I'd like to be out of debt.

So that's that. No gifts 2010. I may offend a few people (*wink) but that's ok I'll still love them. If they need a scapegoat then this lady will be a great candidate since she is the one who inspired me to do so.....sorry and thank you SO MUCH Sarah. What you and your family did this past Christmas was such an inspiration and motivation for this. I {internet} heart you. Oh and my Dad because he was the first person to tell me to do so. I {IRL} love you!

It is the year of gifting cards and phone calls with lots of love and hugs and gift of financial stability.

What are you doing to save money?

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