February 4, 2010

On motherhood, friendship and making fun of bloggers

There's this Canadian show (I really, really LOVE Canadians by the way) that I watch called, "Being Erica." It's totally off because Erica, the main character, gets to go back in time and fix all of her regrets and call it therapy.

Anyway, tonight's episode was about friendships and motherhood. Or more specifically about how one friend becomes a mother and the other one doesn't (yet) and how it affects the friendship. For example as soon as I became a mama I found it (and still sometimes do) difficult to follow a conversation that wasn't about poop or sore nipples. Or how it's hard to keep up with what's going on outside world outside of you and your little cub. Nothing else exists and if you don't have friends who understand that or if they give you a hard time then it can sometimes lead to the demise of a friendship.

THANKFULLY! I have fantastic friends who understand, support and totally get me even though I can go weird, spastic, out-of-the-loop mama. It's also helpful that we have similar lives and are so busy that finding time to sit back and have a phone conversation (because by the way all of my close friends live NOWHERE near me) but when we do get a chance to talk it's sometimes interrupted by the Bambino's whines for food, food, food, FOOD NOW! Or because they're walking out the door to have a fun single person's night out. Oh and it also helps that we're all workaholics. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that my friends are freaking awesome and I love them for remaining friends and continuing to build our friendship even though we have taken so many different paths. We're still able to find each other at some junction at some time or another. I love you friends! You know who you are!

If you Tivo or DVR your shows and one of those shows is "Ugly Betty" and haven't yet viewed this week's episode then don't read the following:

Now onto the making fun of the blogs bit. Nothing spectacular other than I thoroughly enjoyed this evening's "Ugly Betty" episode. Betty won a blog award and I'm not sure if the show was intentionally poking fun at blogging and bloggers but I laughed so hard that I had coughing fit which led to me spraying some inhaler in my lungs which has led me to my current hyper state which is why I'm typing 1.5 hours past my bedtime. 10:33 pm is 3:33 am parent time. Yeah, there is such a thing as parent time. Anysnooze, I just loved how when Betty was accepting her award and Daniel was giving her a special award speech that they were getting burritos thrown at them because ya know bloggers get crazy sometimes. Ya know with the whole don't offend me or I'll write evil words about you for 3 readers to see and one person leaving a comment and then throw a can of cat piss on your face in real life.

Anyway, tonight's episode was hilarious and I loved how it poked a little innocent fun at us bloggers.

So....that's all I've heard for today.

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