February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Blogger Gift Exchange

I had the pleasure of joining on the fun festivity of Domestic Dork's Valentine's Day Gift Exchange this year. My partner was Kim from 733. She is a sweet and crafty lady who blogs about her creations, family and much more. I especially adore her "What are Little Boys Made of" posts.

I received her package in the mail this Saturday. So excited was I to open it! In our correspondence I had mentioned how much I miss good syrup, the kind that you can only get from New England or Canada. The kind that doesn't taste like liquid sugar but the kind that tastes like liquid gold from trees! Anyway, in the package was SYRUP! Real Vermont Syrup! It's from her Uncle's maple farm - so it's not only from Vermont but from a real farm, dripped from real hands. I'll be pouring some on waffles this weekend.

Also inlcuded in the package were a set of 4 tiles with: Love with all your heart, Live today like it were your last, Laugh until your belly aches and a photo of the Bambino and me. How sweet is that? I'm scouting for a place in the townhouse.

Kim also put in a meal planner and recipe book for me to fill out on my own. I'm going to have to pick at my dad's brain for some yummy recipes and get creative. And every single mom and moms in general definitely need a meal planner so that will come of great use.

So thank you Kim for your thoughtful gift! It was such a treat to receive a fun and yummy package in the mail.

I cannot wait to hear what you think about the one I sent you.

Also thanks Holly from Domestic Dork for putting this together!

Hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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