January 28, 2010

Phone Call for Mr. Bambino

Dear Bambino,

For the past couple of weeks I've wanted to do nothing but call you during my lunch breaks. Even today while I was walking to the car on my lunch break I thought of you and wanted to call you. I wanted to hear your cute little manchild voice, about how your day was going, what kind of food you were eating and to just tell you that I love you.

You are always in my thoughts and while I remain patient, I cannot wait until the day that you and I can converse.

If I had been able to call you today I would've talked to you about how excited I am that your Tutu is coming to visit us soon. I'm pretty convinced that she will "kidnap" you for the week that she is here and try to show the Hawai'i that she knew. I know that she cannot wait to see you and hold you and try to talk stories with you. Tutu just loves you and loves being your grandma - she's been waiting for you since I was 22 and didn't even have a boyfriend anymore but hey, that's just how she rolls. ;o) She's always wanted to a mama and has been very excited about being a granny. I'm excited to see her and watch you two interact. I'm also convinced that you'll become best friends and will run away with your Tutu when she returns to Seattle. Please don't do that. I would miss you too much.

I would have also told you that you cried a lot last night which led you to be quite whiny and me to be quite grouchy. Then I would've apologized for snapping at you this morning and that I will try to be more patient with you. I mean the BOTH of us were up all night last night and really who doesn't want to be snuggled in the morning after a long night of interrupted slumber. Then I would tell you that I loved snuggling with you for the 10 minutes that we had left before we had to leave for you Aunty Rose's house. You're the perfect snuggle bug. In fact you are just perfect. Full Stop.

After that bit of conversing I would say that I need to get back to work but don't want to and that I can't wait to pick you up and give you hugs & kisses and snuggle time.

You are missed during the time that I am at work but I'm very thankful that I am able to look forward to coming home to you.

I love you little Bambino.


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