October 1, 2009

This is my 200th post!!!

I thought this was a cute little helmet - perhaps the Bambino could be a Wild Thing?

So for my 200th post (I feel like I should have a glass of champagne and a yummy plate of sushi by my side) I am dedicating it to the search for the perfect Halloween costume for the Bambino.

Last year since he was basically a newborn I just dressed him up in the beanie (Boo!) and booties (cute Skulls) that his Aunty Liz bought for him and a white & black outfit. He was pretty close to a baby skeleton but not quite there.

This year I'd like to get him a proper costume but am not quite sure what I'd like to have him fall victim to: monkey? aviator? rock star?

So that's where you lovely people of the internet, friends & family come in.

Please help me decide.

Cast your vote above but keep in mind that we do live in a tropical area, the Bambino is just now learning how to walk, and my single mama budget.

So far I've checked out Etsy which usually pulls through for me but it's a no-go so far. I've googled a few costume sites: In Fashion Kids, Just Kids Costumes, and Babies R Us (gross!). I think my next step is to find some on Amazon.com, E-bay, Craigslist, consignment shops, and the list could go on.

Though it would be fun to buy the little man an outfit I'm also realistic about him wearing it only once so I'm not afraid to recycle his clothes and accessorize to make it into a bonafide Halloween costume.

Anyway, vote away and have fun with it! I know I will.
(Image from Glitzconceptshop at Etsy)

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