October 1, 2009

Dating Mission #1 - Date Thy Self

When I was simply a single gal I used to pride on outings with my best friend, myself.

While I lived in Norway I would take off and get lost in the city - it was the best way to discover the little nooks and crannies of a new place. It was also a great way to meet the local people and just dive into the culture. I loved it.

During my time in Philadelphia I would take off to a different town in Pennsylvania every weekend or go shopping (no wonder I couldn't save any money). I would discover towns like Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, and other little towns that I can't remember the names of. Or I would go to the city to walk around the museum or go to a concert. OR I would go to a movie...by myself!

Then when I moved to Boston I did the same thing - I'd go to the city or the small towns of Massachusetts. Go to a concert or sip coffee in a cafe or skim books in independent bookstores or spoke with strangers - I just explored.

I went on dates with myself and I loved it. Seriously! Not in a, "I'm going to end up alone for the rest of my life kind of way," but more of a, "I love going anywhere whenever I want and seeing what I desired on my own time," kind of a way. My independence is very important to me.

My me time is vital.

The thing is ever since I gave birth to the Bambino I haven't really had any ME time and I've been fine with that. I loved that I spent this year getting to my son; bond with him. He is and always will be my universe.


Mama needs to take herself on a date if she's really going to start dating men again.

So perhaps tomorrow evening I'll take myself to the first Friday where all of the galleries are open or Saturday evening I'll treat myself to an evening movie after all of the cleaning. Not sure but I am sure that I need to get out on my own. Catch my bearings before I agree to any dates or even think about dating really.

Actually come to think of it I'm babysitting this weekend - so maybe a quick matinee after cleaning on Saturday? Or a Monday night date night with me, myself, and I?

Ugh, I'm in no hurry.
To see the kind of adventures I used to take please visit my old photography sites:
Webshots - usernames: Wildwahine21, soccerbabe_21, beachprincess21 <--Can you guess what is my favorite number?
(Images - Order by Appearance: Me @ The Taj in Boston, my birthday outing to Rockport...by myself, and the Interpol concert in 2007. Images are licensed to Restless Mama only.)

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