October 6, 2009

Texting is Evil!

Texting is one of the worst things that people do in this world.

Seriously, I cannot stand text messages! Ask my old coworkers about my, "Do not text me unless if you're dying" rule.

It's an insane thing to do in my opinion. I'm an old fashioned pick up the phone and speak kind of gal.

The only instance that I do text is when I was going into labor and wanted to let my people know at once without having to dial, pickup, and speak to 5 different people. I've got other things on my mind!

I remember Tattoo Man texted me all the time! Texted me when we would meet up and where. Texted me that he wanted to kiss me. Blah blah blah. Really? Isn't there a better way to tell a gal that you want to peck her on the lips? Oh yeah that's CALLING! Not texting. Sorry to do a little lashing at you Tattoo Man.

Don't even get me started in SEXTING! Oh yeah that's a great way to arouse me. What a joke.

And then there's the folks who text you long ass messages taking up 2 messages in my inbox making me pay $0.04 more on my phone bill. I mean hello people single mom I only want to pay X amount of dollars on my phone bill thanks.

Or the people that send me text after text after text in a 5 minute span! We could've had a live, speaking conversation that would've only taken 1 minute and way less thumb usage.

Oh and the texts from my phone company thanking me that I paid. Yeah, why don't you just thank me online when I pay my bill online and leave it at that - it's free online! Stop trying to steal more of my hard earned single mama money - corporate a_ _holes!

The worst are the people sitting next to me and texting me. [Dude, this movie's boring let's bail.] Of course I don't get the text until AFTER the movie and the person who went to the movie is all pissy with me because I didn't answer their text. DUDE! I'm sitting right next to you - whisper in my ear! Did you somehow lose your voice in the span of two hours. Two hours where we didn't speak to each other at all. Two hours of you in no way using your vocal chords. Seriously, what's wrong with you? This is why I go to the movies by myself.

I hate texting.

I enjoy real conversations over the phone but I favor conversations in person more.

So for those of who have my number - I'm going back to my old rule but adjusting it a little.


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