October 6, 2009

Our 1st Mama & Bambino day since we moved here...

Guess where we went!

The Honolulu Zoo!!! Growing up my dad used to take me to the San Diego Zoo almost every weekend. Or at least it felt like that because we went...A LOT! It's a huge zoo - you've gotta go in trips or else you might miss something.

Anyway, when I was thinking of places to go and things to do for our day together I had a hard time justifying to just going to the beach. We go to the beach ALL THE TIME! Even though I had bought the Bambino a floatie for the lagoons at Ko'olina I wanted to do something different. Something more special than just going to the beach. So my friend Amber's husband suggested that we go to the zoo, they had gone the weekend before and loved it.

What a spectacular idea!!!

The great thing about the Honolulu Zoo is that it's family and budget friendly when it comes to admissions prices. Just $6 for Kama'aina (Hawai'i residents) and well free for the little man of course. Oh and mom guess what! The flamingoes greeted us as we walked into the zoo, so you were right they were there but flamingoes also greet zoo visitors at the San Diego one.
Anyway, the first animal we saw were the elephants! My favorite animal in the entire world! They are such beautiful creatures and I plan on riding one someday. The Bambino didn't do much but stare at them - he wasn't too impressed...yet! I took some photos and as I was doing so one of the elephants came walking straight towards me. My heart raced and my insides were filling up with glee because I felt as though that elephant was coming over to say "Hi!" to me. Because I'm that special.After the elephants (we probably stood there for about 10 minutes because I love them that much) we walked around and looked at the many animals on display. It's bittersweet for me when I go to the zoo. I love looking at all of the animals but I also feel so sad for them. They're not in their natural environment and I can only imagine what they go through on their travels to here. But I won't get too into how I really feel about the zoo.

To see more photos click HERE. Forewarning you that they're raw images.

After some walking the Bambino "ran" around the playground - thank goodness for that playground! There was a little tunnel that I let him go in but some little girl knocked him over, I was more upset over than he was. Actually, I gave her the evil eye for knocking down my son. Yep, that's the kind of mama I am - the overprotective playground mama that will shoot an evil glare nickety split if anyone harms my baby boy. Not ashamed of it either. Anysnooze - the little guy did great trying to walk around and climbing on things. He was fond of this little aligator/crocodile thing:

He's not mad, just really excited about this toy thing.
See how excited he is? He's showin' the teeth! I love it when he makes this expression.

Some kid was trying to walk on it when the Bambino was playing on it and I shot that kid the, "Don't you know we OWN this thing right now? Come back tomorrow kid," look. Then the kid gave me the, "Ummm...I'm just a kid. Let me walk on it lady or I'll scream bloddy murder," look. Then the Bambino looked up, smiled at the kid, and politely (and slowly) got off the toy to share with the kid. The Bambino is awesome - way more mature than his mama.
You wanna walk on this? Ok let's share!Sharing is caring mama!
After the playground I figured we should go to the Keiki Zoo so that the Bambino could look at animals without being held or from the stroller.
The little greeter!

He just loooooooooooved being there. We stopped to look at the goats first and oh my goodness did he love those goats! Which is special for me since we call Popi the Old Goat. So it was like he was excited about seeing his Popi! How special is that?! Anyway I thought about letting him touch the animals but I just couldn't bring myself to it but he still enjoyed looking at all of the animals. He liked looking at them so much that he threw a tantrum everytime I picked him to take him to the next spot of animals. He threw a HUGE hissy fit when we left the goats - I think it's because he really loves his Popi.

Though he enjoyed those furry and feathery creatures he loved the little aquarium in the middle of the Keiki zoo. In fact he squealed, squeaked, clapped, and sealed his face on the glass. This was my favorite part of the whole day. I'd never seen him so excited about anything until the fish.

The fish were just as big as he is! It was insane! I loved it. He loved it. I loved that he loved it. He went from one end to the other as fast as he could. You should've seen him scootin' along the glass. It was a sight. Since he was getting such a kick out of the fish we stayed there for a good 15 minutes. I wasn't about to cut short his pure excitement and enjoyment.

But then I saw the look. The I'm getting tired but really hungry look. So we bought some lunch for $12...that's where they get you! Is at the concession stands! But since I forgot to pack the little guy a good lunch I bought him some fruit and pasta salad. Which he wasn't digging -well he enjoyed the fruit but the past must've had a disagreeable texture for him because he spat it out like a rocket. I could've been upset about it getting all over my clothes but the fact that he was able to spit out something that fast was more impressive than upsetting.

After the lunch we headed out which was perfect because he was getting really restless and fussy so I gave him his bottle, packed up everything, strolled off and he was out.

It was a perfect mama and Bambino day.

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