October 14, 2009

Meandering Bohemian Stuff

An old high school crush buddy just did a great post about "The Story of Stuff." 

But first let me give you some info on this fella.

He is the blog author of "Meandering Bohemian" and at his blog he writes posts about Zen life, minimalist lifestyle, art, politics, etc.  Anything and everything about what it takes to be a meandering bohemian.

Also, he'll be the first to admit that he doesn't always follow by what he writes because he is human but he does his best.

Anysnooze "The Story of Stuff" is about the environmental and social issues of how stuff is produced and wasted while trying to send a message on creating a more sustainable world.  They've also got a book coming out next year, March 9, 2010.  Check out the website and buy the book folks.

Check out my friend's new post HERE.

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