October 14, 2009

The Shameless Cheerleader

I'm totally shameless when it comes to something I'm passionate about or just really, really support.

Seriously, if I don't like something I'm not afraid to tell people or quit it.  Ask my parents.  Ask them how  many times I've called them to say that I hate a job and am quitting because I don't believe in their ethics or values or Hawai'i state drivers.  I'm not sure but if they had a list of all of the things I cannot stand and do not support and could make a pretty dollar off of everything listed then they'd be rich.  VERY RICH.

But I do support a lot of great ventures, charities, and people in general.

If I like you (and not that I'm some super important and fabulous person) you'll know it.  I'll send messages, call, write e-mails, send postcards, and will even respond to a text message.  But I have to really, really like you if you want me to respond to a text message.

So I am not at all ashamed to list the fellow bloggers as my favorites, who have been nomiated at The Bump for Best [insert category] Awards:
If you read any of these blogs then don't hesitate to vote!  If you don't then check them out and then go vote!

The great thing about these bloggers is that if they win they will donate the money to their charity or charity of choice.  Gotta love a blog with a purpose and heart.

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