October 14, 2009

Deal breaker?

Before Tina Fey decided to make, "deal breaker" funny on 30 Rock I had been hearing that term bounced around for quite some time when it comes to dating.

Some people's deal breakers could be that a dude doesn't wear socks with his sneakers or that a dude wears sucks with his sandals. To me that's just a fashion faux pas.

Last night I was discussing my online dating conversations with a fella and how I came to the conclusion that he's an idiot and will no longer e-communicate with him.

Me: So I've decided not to talk to this dude anymore because he doesn't know how to type complete words AND sentences.

Neighbor friend: Seriously?

Me: Yeah, I'm not going to continue communication with someone who can't even spell out Y-O-U. That just tells me that he's a lazy ass and really isn't interested enough to at least spell out you.

Neighbor friend: Isn't that a bit judgemental?

Me: Yes.

Neighbor friend: Soooooooo?

Me: I have the right to be judgemental. This is my dating life. I'm not going to bring some guy into my life or my son's life that doesn't have the time to spell out words.

Neighbor friend's husband: Yeah. I'd probably do the same thing. I don't want to end up with someone who can't spell or use correct grammar. I'd just get confused.

Me: I'm confused. You're married to preggers across the table. What do you have to worry about? Stop chiming in.

Neighbor friend: Maybe you can't get a date because you're evil towards men!

Me: Probably.

Neighbor friend: So maybe you shouldn't be so judgemental. I send out text messages and e-mails with "U" for "You" and we're still friends.

Me: Yeah but I don't want to date you. It's different. Oh and I can't stand it when you do that.

Neighbor friend: Evil pregnant stare telling me that I need to stop being a judgemental pansy and give the dude a chance or else she will go crazy preggers on my ass!

Me: Ok. I'll send him one more e-mail.

What are some deal breakers for you? Or for the married folk what was a deal breaker when you were single?

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