October 9, 2009


Again, I'm off for the weekend!

Saturday I'll be doing some things around the house before I drop off the Bambino at Nana Patty's house so that I may enjoy a day to myself!

So you can pretty much bet that I'll be completing two dating missions in one day - date with myself and Honolulu. Finally, I get to do some prancing around the city like the old days but I'll probably be missing the Bambino while I do it and trying to find something for him when I pick him up. I'll also be using that time to catch up on my reading - Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Parents magazines. I haven't read any of them since August. That's some reading.

Sunday I'll have to finish up some laundry and other housework before we head over to my Aunty's house in Kunia. It's time that the Bambino sees his Aunty Maka, Aunty Lass, and Uncle Tim.

I'm still trying to finish up a book that I'm reviewing - learning lots from it.

Also on the list is to finally get another post up on The Starfish Project. It's been AGES! I had lost 8 lbs then gained back 5 lbs and well I don't know where I'm at now. I've started up Baby Boot Camp again, now that they have evening classes. I heart them.

And that's all I've heard for today.

Have a great weekend folks!

P.S. The Bambino is getting his first haircut this weekend. Can everyone say Faux Hawk?!?!?!?!?!?!

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