October 8, 2009

Dating Mission #2 - Date your city

Though I hate to use Sex and the City as foundation for this step I must because it's a good one.

In season 4 there's an episode where Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, dates her city - New York City. She goes to a movie by herself, tries to visit a museum, and meets a cute fella, even gets rained on in the process. NYC is a great city to date on a regular basis I've gone on a few dates with that city. I've always enjoyed my dates with Seattle, Oslo, London, Paris, Philadelphia, and my favorite Boston.

The funny thing is I haven't gone a date with with Honolulu yet. I could blame the Bambino for this one but that's too easy and not a good reason at all.

My reason is simply because I haven't given the whole island of Oahu, Hawai'i chance let alone the city Honolulu.

So I plan no doing so after I complete my first mission of dating myself. Or even better I can roll it all into one date. How does that sound?

How do you date your city/town/state?

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