October 13, 2009

The Office made me cry.

Apparently when one enters motherhood they turn into a sap

I never used to cry during a movie or sappy song.

But I was a good crier - I cry when I am really sad or frusturated but never during a film, play, or concert. Well maybe I cried when Dan Boeckner's sweat got on my face at the Wolf Parade concert in Oslo but those were tears of joy! Yum. I just grossed someone out.

Anyway, when I became pregnant I became a HUGE sap. Seriously. I cried during the movie "Crash" though I was told I would've been heartless if I hadn't. Well before Bambino I wouldn't have cried. I maybe would've felt some sort of sadness and emotion but I wouldn't have shown it. Oh then I'd cry if I a children playing together in the playground at Boston Commons. Tears would flow when someone offered me a seat on the train to work. Waterworks commenced if I got a look that seemed disapproving from my boss. Commercials, songs, birds chirpping, someone helping me with my groceries - you name it I wept like everyday was a funeral.

It doesn't bother me that I cried a lot during my pregnancy and the first year of motherhood/bambinohood. But what does bother me is that I have cried during a funny show. I cried during The Office.

Yeah, I cried during the last episode of The Office when Jim & Pam tied the knot. So lame but I did. I'm not sure if it was that whole "You Tube"/Niagara Falls wedding sequence or just the song alone but I started wellin' and there was no stopping me. I looked like one of those pathetic women watching a Lifetime movie.


Hello, my name is Ally and I cry during sitcoms.

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