September 29, 2009

Your lovie

Dear Bambino,

Last night I found you in the cutest and a bit scary position - wrapped up in mama's old baby blanket.

Every night I hang the blanket on the side of your crib and everynight you usually just pull it down and leave it.

But last night you somehow pulled down the blanket and wrapped yourself in it like a pig in a blanket. It was sweet, my baby blanket was comforting you and keeping you warm while you slept.

Except I ruined it for you because I was paranoid that you'd wrap yourself up too much to the point that you wouldn't be able to breathe so I unwrapped you. You weren't too happy but I was swift and as soon as I finished I ran out the door before you could even really whine. You did a faint whimper and that was that.

After a few minutes I came back and stared at you while you slept - this is one of my favorite things to do. You were still underneath my old baby blanket dreaming away. It was a very sweet sight.

Then this morning you woke up with the blanket in your hand as you called out for me.

That blanket is no longer mine - it's obviously your new lovie.

I couldn't be more honored.


***Picture to come later - I was too busy admiring my baby to remember to photograph him with his lovie.***

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