September 4, 2009

Single Parenting and Money

What I'm doing to earn some extra $$$:
  • Freelance social networking/marketing;
  • Babysitting;
  • Just sold some old baby stuff; and
  • Writing articles (I've got my game face on now).
What I'm doing (or did) to help supplement my income:
  • Applied for WIC (got accepted)
  • Applied for Food Stamps
  • Applying for financial aid for when the Bambino starts school or could otherwise be read as registering his Hawaiian background to the Kamehameha school system
  • Applying for QLCC aid to help pay for childcare
But guess what...things are about to change but even so I'm still applying and trying to get any help I can get.

Why?  Because living in Hawai'i sucks - the cost of living is way beyond what people make around here...especially this single mama.  So a mama's gotta do, what a mama's gotta do to stay afloat.

Here's hoping the great change will happen in the next few weeks.

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