September 5, 2009


Dear Bambino,

Before your father and I knew what your sex was going to be we were thinking of what your name would be.  Your father immediately suggested Madeleine if you were a girl and I immediately fell in love with the name - it would've been perfect.  Your name would've been Madeleine Mahealani - the Mahealani is your Tutu's hawaiian name. 

I always thought that my first born child would either have my mom's middle (for a girl) or her family name (for a boy). 

When trying to think of names for boys we couldn't see eye to eye at all.  Your dad thought of names like Troy or Alexander and while those names are fine, I always loved Irish boy names like Liam, Connor, Sean, etc.  We had a very hard time trying to think of names together for you.  I even tried to throw in some french names, Sebastian being my favorite.  That got vetoed.  Your dad threw in some names like Mylo or Atticus - which were REALLY cool names but wasn't sure if they flowed with my last name (and now your last name) Sperber. 

After we found out that you were going to be a boy we did agree on one name, Linus, which none of my friends and family really cared for - which taught me the lesson of never revealing baby names until after they're born.  But I really liked the name Linus, it was cute and even though it didn't flow with the name Sperber - I still really liked it.

And then one day while riding the train to work I started thinking of other names, Irish boy names and I thought of the names Aidan for the first time and Liam again.  I really loved the way Liam sounded but after looking at the meaning of the name Aidan, little fire, I just couldn't get over it!  It would be great for my son to have such a beautiful sounding name with such a passionate and masculine meaning.  My little fireball is what I would refer to you in my head since you were such a squirmy baby.

So it was settled, I was going to name you Aidan. 

But that wasn't the end of it - your hawaiian name had to be chosen.  After getting your Tutu's permission to use her family name I called your Aunty Maka and Aunty Lass to help come up with a name - Kamaka'....something (Eye of......).  They looked up names and meanings with my suggestions of "Eye of the Night" or "Eye of the Moon" trying to keep your father in mind; he really loved the night.  But the names were either too long or I just wasn't really feeling them.  I wanted your name to be strong and masculine, but not overpowering.

Then your Tutu called one weekend and said that she knew what your hawaiian name was going to be - she found it in a dream with the blessing of her beloved mother.  I was so happy that it was your Tutu who was going to be giving you your hawaiian name - Eye of the Warrior.

Think we're done yet?  Nope, no we're not.

When you were born and I had to put your name on your birth certificate form.  I gave you two middle names.

Leaving you with the legal name:

Aidan Linus Kamaka'koa Sperber
I really did like the name Linus and I hope you don't mind that you have such a long name but all of those names have so much meaning and were carefully thought out of love. 
And while those names are so meaningful - I think you really love it when I call you (I can tell because your head pops up as soon as I say it, way faster than when I say your name)...
My love.

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