September 4, 2009

Bambino Sleeps

Dear Bambino,
Here are the ways you would sleep:
Sometimes you fell asleep while nursing. 
Then sometimes you just fell asleep in my arms.
Or you would fall asleep in a little cocoon.
You loved to sleep in the carseat, snuggled up in a blanket - like this.
I loved it when you fell asleep like this - like a little peanut.
You ALWAYS fell asleep when we go walks or hiking.  That's my favorite.  I love having you close to me and I love that the closeness of us helps you relax and go to la la land. 
Sometimes I would fall asleep with you - my all time favorite was when we'd fall asleep together on the couch.  It was our own little world and I loved to snuggle with you.
Now you sleep in the crib and sometimes...when you're really grumpy or not feeling good we sleep together in my bed.  I'm so happy that you still need me to help soothe.
Though I love to watch you sleep and fall asleep together this is how I really love to look at you:
Happy and full of zest.

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