September 15, 2009

One Huge Lesson

Dear Bambino,

Your mama has learned a very valuable and tough lesson this past weekend.

Though we have a wonderful and loving network of family and friends - we cannot always rely on others.  Not that they won't be there for us in a time(s) of need(s) but we shouldn't only rely on them.  We need to stand up and take matters into our own hands.  Because (and mommy hates these kind of questions) What if?  What if they aren't able to?  What if we're down so deep that it's really only going to be up to us to get ourselves out that hole?  What if?

I now know that I have to take that question into real consideration. 

So even though mama has been trying to think of ways to make things better for us it's time for me to try harder and be innovative in my thinking and doing.  And that's just it too, my love, I have to DO.  No more wanting, wishing, or hoping - though never give up hope - it's time to DO and to FIND a way.  More concrete answers and results rather than abstract.

I'm hoping with this lesson that I've learned that I will be able to pass on this lesson to you and live it for you because I do not ever want you to feel despair, even though one day you might and I don't want you to feel as though you cannot do things on your own.  I'm going to make it so that you are a DO-er and not just a thinker - though thinking is so very, very important.  I'm going to show you that actions speak so much louder than words - in fact actions are like a sonic boom and words are just a tiny spurt. 

You can depend on me and those who love us but man am I going to raise you to be one independent fella so that you never have to go through what I've been.


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