September 16, 2009

GIVEAWAY: TrulySanctuary Apparel

For those who read this blog regularly you know that I had been planning on a Music Themed 1st Birthday Party for the Bambino. Everything from the CD party favors to his outfit. The sad news is that I will not be able to throw him the party due to my car breaking down and it costing $$$$$$$$$$$. My heart breaks but a mama must do what she can. No worries though we're still celebrating with just our close family here on Hawai'i - so Bambino you're birth will still be honored and celebrated....just not the way mama had planned.

But there is good news folks - the folks who made the Bambino's birthday outfit (picture of him in it to come later....I have a weird superstition about putting him in anything birthday related BEFORE his birthday) agreed to do a GIVEAWAY with me so that ONE of you lucky folks could enjoy the greatness that is their designs!
Let me tell you a few things about them first:
  • I found them on Etsy
  • They design some great apparel with cute political figures to old school stereo systems on their clothes - funky but still baby friendly designs
  • They're funny folks
  • Very reasonably priced so after the lucky winner gets a free item from their shop - they should go back and BUY!!!! Because their stuff is that cool!
  • Family owned and operated - I'm all about supporting the Ma & Pa businesses
  • An absolute delight to work with. While trying to figure out what I wanted to put on the Bambino's onesie they cheered me on and offered some really great suggestions. PLUS - they're really down to earth.
  • Efficient, efficient, efficient - As soon as I decided on what exactly I wanted (which took me two weeks...very picky), I had the onesie in my hands within 2 days. That's from Florida to Hawai'i folks. DANG! If that isn't efficient I don't know what is.
  • QUALITY! The onesie is soft and I've already pre-washed it and the design is still on it. Top notch stuff people.
So to the GIVEAWAY - ONE lucky person will win ONE FREE item from their shop excluding their ponchos.

How to win?

Leave me a comment below. Extra entry if you leave me a comment telling me the family's inspiration behind their designs.

The giveaway starts today, September 16 and goes until this Sunday, September 20 (the Bambino's birthday). Winners will be announced on Monday, September 21st. Winner chosen at random.

Read below for the inspiration behind TrulySanctuary:

We are Ron and Bethany Remsberg…TrulySanctuary is run out of our home currently in Lakeland Florida. We came up with the concept over a year ago on July, 4th 2008. Ron had been going to school full-time while slinging coffee to make ends meet. Along with the arrival of our daughter Truly Louise, this was becoming a busy first year of marriage.

The 4th of July rolled around (Our first major holiday as a family) and because of Ron’s busy schedule he was going to miss out on the festivities. When he left for work that day it was clear he was extremely down. I had to think of something not just to cheer him up, but to let him know we were thinking about him and proud of what he was doing for our family. A silly picture of Ron wearing a fake mustache and a bandana on his head in an Aunt Jemima fashion instantly came to mind and I knew what I had to do. I went to the store and along with a cheap package of fireworks and a couple of beers; I bought the supplies I needed to carry out my cheer up daddy plan.

That night Ron was greeted by his 3 month old daughter wearing a onesie with that silly picture of him right on the front. He instantly felt great…it was personal; it made him laugh and feel loved! That night we couldn’t stop thinking of the different onesies we wanted to make for our daughter, then for our friend’s kids…it didn’t take long to realize that we were on to something.

Of course we’ve come a long way from that first silly onesie made on our bathroom counter with my mother-in- law’s iron and some store bought transfer paper. We now offer a gorgeous top of the line product fit for any baby boutique. ..Any baby! Our goal has not only been quality, but to continuously provide a new stream of the most unique, fun and quirky baby and toddler clothes out on the market.

Our daughter Truly (our company’s namesake) is now 16 months old and our second daughter Normandy Mae is 3 months old…life continues to get busier, but fuller as our family and company, TrulySanctuary, grow.

Thank you,

Bethany, Ron, Truly Lu and Normandy Mae

***Ron & Bethany did not ask me to do this giveaway for them - I asked them and they were kind enough to agree. So this is really a non-sponsored blog post. I just love their designs and attitude that much.***

1 comment:

TrulySanctuary said...

We are honored!!! Have a happy happy birthday Bambino!

Thank you Aljolynn,

Ron, Bethany, Truly and Normandy


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