September 25, 2009

Little Virgo

Dear Bambino,

Let's have a little fun with your astrological sign - Virgo.

First let me tell you the kind of person you are to date:
  • Thoughtful - You are always try to share with your mama.
  • Analytical - Put a new toy in your hand and you just study it for minutes beyond minutes which is a lot for a baby.
  • Cuddly - Biggest cuddle bug I know.
  • Fiery - When you're mad, you're really mad.
  • Sensitive - You are so loving and caring that when you feel someone has wronged you, you let them know with the most melancholy weep.
  • Funny - Seriously. It's like you're a miniature comedian. You even laugh at your own "jokes."
  • Do-er - Though you like to analyze you also just jump in without thought.
  • Foodie - You like food and you like it to be good. If you don't like it you're nice enough to not spit it out but to do the "grossed out" face and stick out your tongue for me to grab the food you don't like.
  • Independent - You like to try things out yourself and if I try to help you when you're trying to do it on your own - there will be hell to pay. I love that you're so independent.

Ok so Virgo is also known as the Virgin of the 12 zodiac signs. Not sure what that's supposed to mean but darn tootin' your a virgin. Please stay like that forever - I don't need grandchildren.

Virgos tend to be diplomatic and introverted. While I can't yet tell if you have the skills of diplomacy you are definitely NOT introverted. You LOVE people! In fact you can't stand to hang out with just me all day. No you need your peers or someone else to pay attention to. You love to be held and snuggled by other adults. You looooooooove to play with your friend Aidan from daycare and Delyla our neighbor. You love, love, LOVE your Uncle Lou and follow him wherever he goes. Baby, you love people.

It is also said that Virgos tend to be cautious and choosy. You are a bit cautious but wreckless at the same time. It depends on the activity. If it deals with going outside and slamming the screen door then you're all over it without thought. If it deals with a new food then you like to play with it and stare before you put it in your mouth.

Another alleged Virgo trait is frugality and reliability. We can't tell that yet but I can pretty much rely on the fact that you will go to bed by 7: 30 pm unless if we're surrounded by people then whenever everyone is out of sight. I can rely on the fact that you will want to be hugged and kissed when you wake up in the morning. So in some respect you are showing your reliability. If you do end up being frugal then power to you! It is something that I learned when I was little but am just now putting into action. So here's hoping that you will be financially aware early on.

And finally Virgos tend to have their talents lie in science, mathematics, and/or linguistics. So that means you will either become a doctor, the next Albert Einstein or an interpreter for the UN while teaching the science of language at NYU. A mama can dream.

To sum it up in the words of astrology Virgos are hardworking, reliable, logical and highly intellectual. Though have obsessive and compulsive tendencies.

I don't put much stock into astrology. If I did then I wouldn't be friends and love the people I do if I lived by those rules. Astrology is just a fun way to analyze one's own personality.

It doesn't really matter what the stars say only what you say and do. You are such a beautiful little fella with a lot of spunk and love.

I only hope that your life is a fulfilling and happy one and to always be a part of it.

I love you,


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