September 1, 2009

It's September Baby!!!

It's September! 

This month is my favorite month of the year.  It has always symbolized new beginnings for me - the air gets cooler and turns into my favorite wardrobe season (sweaters!!!), the leaves start to turn, the start of a new school year, a new season of soccer, it was the month that my first love and I became a couple, and it is the month that my son, The Bambino, was born. 

So I shall dedicate this month to The Bambino who is my world.  Everyday and I mean EVERYDAY I shall post something about my little love and in those posts (by request of the Bambino's Poppie) I shall not use any swear words but only words of love and joy -when it comes to posts about the Bambino.

Ok my little Virgo this is the first post dedicated to you.

This photo is of the day after you were born.  You are with your Aunty Collette and she was the first person to ever see you in our family.  You can be sure that you were greeted with love. 
Your Aunty Liz and Uncle Adrien had stayed with mommy while she was getting ready to give birth to you but had to leave early since Aunty Liz had to go to work.  Thankfully, Aunty Collette and cousin Erin were able to be there with mommy to help her to remember to breathe and to make sure that you were greeted with nothing but the purest feeling of love and joy.

Love and joy it was.  Your Aunty Collette cheered on mommy with thoughts of the beautiful and crisp day, of kids playing soccer across the Charles River, and that when mommy was done pushing that she would be able to hold you.  Your cousin Erin was also in the room and she was so brave being that she was just 7-years-old at the time.  She asked if mommy was ok and if you were out in the world yet.  She was so excited to see you.

Then came time for mommy to give it one last push and out you came.  And your Aunty Collette's first words were, "He's so beautiful!  He's the most precious little thing in the world!  He's so beautiful!"  She had such pride in her eyes when she saw you.  Aunty followed you and the doctors when they went to check your stats and clean you.  She did nothing but stare and tell me that you had 10 beautiful toes and fingers and that you were nothing but beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  She took your picture and praised you.

When the doctors brought you to me she followed.  She looked at you and me and said with a smile, "Congratulations."

You were brought into this world with love my little Bambino, my love.


Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Sept is a wonderful month. I love your idea of a month full of posts for you Bambino :-)

Elle said...

As a new reader to your site, I am very keen for this month because it'll be a catch me up.

(And I agree, my puppy looks like the Paul Anka from Gilmore Girls, just smaller)


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