August 31, 2009

Things to Come

Some things that I'll be writing about in the days/weeks to come:

  • WIC
  • Weekend of NO internet (well HARDLY any internet/computer usage)
  • The pangs of being a single mama (that usually just involves $$$)
  • More reviews and giveaways
  • An overdue shoutout to Rwanda
  • My mission for this blog
  • Why people should NOT move to Hawai'i...VISITS ONLY
  • The final wrap ups of the Bambino's first birthday bash!!!
And that's all I've heard for today.


Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Off topic, but I was trying to add you to Facebook, and your badge doesn't link to your profile :-(

Here's my link -
if you're so inclined.

Sunny Days said...

Ooh. Speaking of overdue updates on Rwanda ... suppose I might give you one as well, huh? Life's a bit crazy at the moment, but promise to give you a real "hello" (plus Rwanda news!) soon!


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