September 17, 2009

Hey there Delyla...

Dear Bambino,

You have a friend...a girl friend....but notice! that I didn't use girlfriend but girl friend.

Her name is Delyla (prounounced like Delilah from the Bible - but we don't think of that name as a bad thing). She is 3 months older than you. At times you like each other - get along famously and other times you can't stand each other.

Pretty basic friendship stuff.

Though Delyla is older, bigger, and sometimes takes the toys out of your hands (which is followed by massive yet consolible tears) she loves you and you love her. She loves to try to give you hugs and kisses while you either look at her like she's crazy or you laugh...typical boy response to when a gal tries to show affection *wink* Actually you love hugs and kisses.

I love that you have a great friend in a girl and that you two can play together so well - giving your mommies some time to talk or play Scrabble.

Sometimes you play together and sometimes you do your own thing but in the same room. Delyla will go through her books and you'll be banging on the wall with one of her toys. It's so cute to see how you two actively interact and don't passively interact.

So to sum it up - it's just so much fun to watch the two of you babies.

Though you're both ready to toddle - so I guess it's fun to watch you two toddlers.

I think I just dropped a tear with that word. Toddler.

You're going to be ONE. O-N-E.

Stop! Or not - whatever you choose....just as long as we can still snuggle or I can steal a hug here and there when you're taller than me.

Anyway, here's to you and Delyla - great friends!



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