September 18, 2009

The Due Date

Dear Bambino,

The day I found out I that I was going to be growing a little person inside of me I was told that the they would be shooting out of me on September 18, 2008.

That's a year ago from today.

A year ago from today I had been on maternity leave for 2 weeks and lazying around the cottage waiting for some contractions. Since I wasn't feeling any cramping I decided to go walking around Salem to see if I could get some movement from you because I really didn't feel like going any longer with you inside of me. I did squats. Ordered the spiciest foods on the Thai menu. I even asked you nicely to please get ready to squeeze out -

it's been almost 10 months man....times a wastin'....there's so much to see! C'mon I know you want to see what's out here....Please? I'm already 4 cm dilated and 70% effaced...Mama's ready!!! You're ready! Please? Plllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Five mintues later.....

How about now? Are you ready now? I see you moving in there! I mean you're already smashing my bladder to bits and I can FEEL your head touching my cervix!'s time to get out. Get out. Get out. Get ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuT! Wait nevermind - mama has to go pee...don't want you shootin' into a toilet...

I secretly wished that my water would POP! and then we'd be rarin' to go. But no.

I mean even your Aunty Liz and best friend came over to spend the night just to be there when my water did break. It didn't. You stayed put.

Sure you were cozy in there and I didn't know what was to come (sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, etc.) but I was ready for you to pop out. Come out into the world tap dancing. Or reciting Dickens. needed to get out.

BUT that wasn't happening. You were just chilling and having a good time inside the womb - which is also a nice thought. I made it comfortable enough for you to want to stay where you were, even though were all curled up into some kind of ball without an inch to move. You just squirmed. In fact, have I told you that was your nickname when you were just a fetus?

Yep, your Aunty Sugar Plum and Aunty Boo boo Bear called you Squirms. I loved it and I think you did too because every time they talked to you while inside of mama - you squirmed. As if you were trying to talk back to them.

Anyway, a year ago today is when you were, according to the doctor's calculations, supposed to shoot out into the world but you decided to stay. It would've been a good day to have been born according to Chinese superstition - to have the number 8 in your birthday is good luck. Something to do with how it resemebles the sign of infinite.

It was a Thursday.

Thursday's not a bad day to be born but a Saturday is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

We're almost there my love.

Just two more days until you're the big O-N-E.

I'm just so excited. Are you excited? This morning while changing your diaper I told you that you were going to be one in a couple of days. What did you do?

You gave me the Give me something to hold onto and play with while you change my stinky diaper woman! But of course with cute baby eyes and baby smile.

You're not going to be a baby anymore. You're going to be a Toddler. You even took some more steps last night.

Would you please get back inside the womb?


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