July 17, 2009

Revolt of the throne

Every morning, like almost every human being I know of, I get up to use the toilet. And every morning the Bambino screams and pounds on the bathroom door while I'm on it. Now I'm sure I could leave the door open and let him roam around in the bathroom, try to climb up my leg while I do my business but the toilet room is supposed to be the ONE place that I can be in peace but nooooooooooooooooooo...

It's seriously like there's a revolution going on outside of the door with all of the door banging and baby hootin' and hollarin'.

So these are some things I've tried to distract him while I do my thang on the throne:

  • Laid out his toys to play with right in front of the door so he's close to me but occupied and not in the bathroom with me;
  • Put him in the living room, turn on the Baby Einstein, and plug him with his morning bottle;
  • Opened the drawers in the closet (it's pretty much a walk-in) and let him sift through his clothes;
  • Sometimes he's still asleep when I get up so I just pray and chant (in my head) that he won't wake up.

Putting him in the other room with a bottle seems to work the best but I don't like that I can't hear him so most of the time I just let him bang on the door and I just think about the day he will no longer have separation anxiety.

I won't get into when I have to do the #2 (POOP) but I'm always surprised that he hasn't broken down the door yet when I take so long on the john.

But seriously Bambino? You can't at least give mama 30 seconds (sometimes 5 minutes for those crappy moments) to herself?

Suggestions anyone?

1 comment:

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

Oh my God this post had me laughing aloud! I know exactly how you feel, and unfortunately I cannot offer any words of wisdom. At least you've got your sense of humour, right? :)


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