July 16, 2009

Project Get My Life in Order

That's right folks in an attempt to get rid of the "bad ju-ju" as my bestie the Starfish would put it I'm initiating my own little, "Project Get my Life in Order."

What's on the list?


  • Manage the gardens; weed, water, BEAUTIFY!
  • Organize and clean the kitchen - maybe ask the lady of the house if I can paint the cabinets a brighter color because it's one dreary lookin' kitchen
  • Clean and steam the carpet - I can't believe I've been letting the Bambino crawl around on it for as long as I have
  • Organize my closet - Hang, fold, and iron! Maybe that way when I do accidentally sleep in, I won't have to scramble around the house trying to get ready in 15 mins....with a baby!
  • Setup a recycling bin and sanitize the garbage area
  • Wash my car and take it in for a tune-up


  • Either find a second job, i.e. babysit on the weekends (awesome for the Bambino...weekend friends!) or get goin' on my Examiner articles...or both?
  • Start my register again because money is tight and I'm not doing so hot with my finances
  • Negotiate, negotiate
  • Hate to say it but maybe even try to find a better paying, more stimulating job...tough in the current market but not impossible
  • Start a savings account for the Bambino and hopefully within a year a 529 Savings Plan
  • This isn't entirely about money but get all of the legal jazz in order, as in a will (just in case purposes) which does involve money
  • Goal - Stay out of the red


  • Do my own Baby Boot Camp, that is until we get a night class going!
  • Go for a walk everynight, the Bambino loves going for walks with me so perfect mama/baby bonding time
  • Go hiking or swimming every weekend or every other weekend because there tends to be a lot social functions happenin'
  • Buy local and eat local - no more restaurant chains!
  • Even though I already have - cut down on the coffee and chocolates


  • Start writing in my journal again
  • Take more photos
  • Write more letters to friends and family instead of just e-mails
  • Write more - in general
  • Lose the resentment jazz because it ain't good music
  • Look at my surroundings and appreciate them
  • Renovate the blog and settle
  • Get serious and do.


  • Enjoy and cherish every moment with the Bambino
  • Be more patient and gentle in those oh so crazy, baby ranting, mama hair ripping moments
  • Talk and sing to him more often - it's amazing how singing to him can calm his fussiness
  • Take more photos of him and post more updates - that's right more Bambino updates...I just might create a daily Bambino section with photos galore!
  • Do what I can do provide the best for him - that means giving up my pride and giving in
  • Love him more

Quite the list but I plan on doing each and everyone of those. Some of them will be ongoing and some I'll be able to check off within the next few weeks or so.

Photos shall be accompanied with the words of the upcoming, Project Get my Life in Order, posts.


fancy face said...

and i thought i had a lot of stuff to do!!! i should try writing it down myself. much luv my dear friend.

Megs said...

Way to Go! I love and support this project. I would just like to add a bullet under "Where is my Mind?":

~ Make a weekly phone date with
the Starish to catch up.

Maybe we have coffee or tea together over the phone everyone Saturday or Sunday morning... Just a thought. I miss you so much.


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