February 13, 2009

Some photos to oo and aww over

Aidan after a delightful bath.
Big cousin Erin telling Aidan a story with puppets.
It's a bit blurry but that smile was too good to pass up. Look at how happy of a baby he is!
His first time in a high chair - he's growin' up.
I love this photo because he's with his great, great Aunt Lucy.
Aidan with his Aunty Brooke.
That's it for now. Will write more later; just wanted to share some photos.


Melissa said...

Once again - he is SO CUTE! You really done good, my dear.

Melissa said...

I need more photos to oo and aww over when you get settled in. I hope all is going well! I've been thinking of you and your sweet babe.

Mel said...

Aidan looks good in a tie.


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