February 5, 2009

Last hurrah and first plane ride.

***I meant for these photos to be at the bottom of this post but for some reason it won't let me on this computer. These are from my last night in the city with my coworkers.
My boss lady and one of the smartest accountants in the co.Me and Lady Sassy Pants.
Me and boss lady.
Sandwiched between two swell investment fellas.
He made me 2 tubs of pasta sauce for my maternity leave.
My 4th floor rock and my "I'll die without you."
My first shot in a year. Yikes! Accompanied by my fave - Guiness.Lovely ladies.
Awww...I'm gonna miss you Doctor & Princesa. ;o)
I like this picture of you my favorite Sommelier.
We'll start with Aidan's first plane ride. I have got to be one of the luckiest moms out there because this kid (knock on wood) is so mild tempered. He didn't cry once on the plane; he mostly slept or giggled throughout the flight. We were lucky enough to have a row to ourselves from Boston to Portland. Our flight from Portland to Seattle was thankfully only 30 minutes because we had to sit next to a husky fella on a shuttle plane. Aidan LOVED it! He was having fun with the man sitting next to us - who knew how to act around babies since he had his own and one on the way. The little bambino got compliments all around for his great behavior. Which was funny because we had to play musical chairs on the shuttle flight. At first we thought we were going to have a row to ourselves again but the flight ended up being full. BUT the row in front of us was open and the flight attendants didn't think anyone else was coming so we moved up one. THEN we found out that some folks who were going to Alaska were coming on the same flight - so we had to go back. One could get frusturated from it but I think delirium had settled in for me, so I mostly found it funny. We got into Seattle at 11'ish. Got home at 1am. Slept in. I feel a bit sick from the jetlag but Aidan seems to be doing great! Grandpa, Aidan, and I went to downtown Poulsbo for a nice walk - which is Aidan's favorite thing. Anyway, that's the news so far. We have the day to ourselves pretty much today since Grandpa is talking to schools about Organ Donation today and Grandma is at work.
We'll be meeting up with a friend later on today.
So that's the news as of yet about being back in Washington.
I'd like to add that I grew up in one of the most beautiful states in the US.
Get a load of that mug. Can you even deal with how happy he is?
Whatcha got there mama?

On to my last night on the town. Nothing too crazy. I had one last hurrah with my coworkers, who I will miss dearly. For me, it's always important to have a good team to work with; a good mesh with the company since that's who I'm spending the majority of my days with. They need to feel like family in order to do what I do because administrative work isn't my ideal job - so the people in the company have got to be AMAZING. I was really lucky with my company. They were my 2nd family in Massachusetts. Seriously! When we were interviewing for a new admin I was very picky about who I gave good reviews to because I wanted to make sure that they would not only work hard and fit in but would see great opportunities that aren't so apparent. It's like picking a care provider for your baby but not as obsessive.
Anyway, we spent my last night in the city at The Red Hat, the what seems to be "Going Away" bar of choice. I simply chose it because it was close to the train station. It was a good time - some people came for a short stay and some people stayed until the end. I was grateful for everyone who showed up.
Oh and thanks for a night of tamed debauchery.
More lasts to follow.

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Melissa said...

Aidan is SO CUTE! Sorry I've been so behind on my blog reading - but I think I'm back. Starting to get more sleep and have more of a routine since we are finally getting settled in Idaho.
That is awesome that Aidan did so well flying. What a lucky momma! How are you enjoying your time in Seattle/Poulsbo?


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