February 25, 2009

Aloha Friends and Family!

Greetings friends and family to my new home! This is what I get to wake up to in the mornings. Isn't it lovely? Although, Aidan and I haven't been able to really enjoy the beauty of Hawai'i due to being ill since our arrival. The poor bambino was starting to get an ear infection and I was getting another cold and had some weird allergic reaction to a Korean soup. We are just now getting the energy to be fully social. Actually I got ourselves ready today for a walk but as we were about to step out the door it started to rain. Nice. It's like one of those vacation horror stories; it's rainy throughout the holiday and then when you leave it's beautiful. I'm not about to let bad weather get me down though. There's always later or tomorrow.
So what have we done so far? Besides being sick? Nothing really. Let me start from the beginning. Last Tuesday we flew in from Seattle and for those of you who are thinking about traveling to Hawai'i soon or ever DO NOT fly with Hawaiian Airlines. You would think with 2 full flights that they'd have more than 1 counter agent available but no. That wasn't the case. Many passengers had to wait in line for almost 2 hours and some of us (this include Aidan and me) almost missed our flight. It wasn't until I got to the counter that they decided to open up all of the counters. Anyway, that was a cluster of a morning because when I got to the counter the agent told me that Alaska hadn't relinqueshed control of my ticket from Boston to Seattle so Hawaiian Airlines couldn't process my ticket. I think you can guess what happened from there.
Anyway, we made our flight though I'm sure I looked quite goofy sprinting through the terminal with a stroller. I kind of felt bad for cutting in front of the family in the security line (mainly because there was a preggers mommy with a toddler, she had her hubby to help her so I didn't feel that bad) but they were too slow. Survival of the fittest? I had a flight and I was bound and determined to be on it. No stoppin' a pissed off mama. Anysnooze, it was a decent flight - sat next to a woman who had been everywhere and done everything. Aunty Patty picks us up. Aidan finally gets to meet Uncle Eddie!!!
Wednesday...slept. Aidan's cough started to get worse. Went somewhere around Mililani. Aidan's cough getting even worse and he's getting mighty fussy. Hmmm...we'll see how it goes tomorrow. It just might be the teething (he was a wreck the day before we left for Hawai'i - called his pediatrician who said he was probably just teething).
Thursday - he's still coughing but to the point of gagging now so my Aunty Patty and I decide to take him to clinic. Wait forever and a day in the clinic. Doctor's bedside manner needs improvement. Doctor Grumpy diagnoses Aidan with the start of an ear infection mixed with the teething makes one unhappy baby. Prescribes an antibiotic. Me being anti-medication inquires about a more natural way of going about treating him. Doctor McGrumps becomes Doctor MacNoyed so I decide to go with the anti-biotic but give Doctor McGrumps the evil eye. Dr. McGrumps is nicer while we walk out the door. Never ever will we step in that clinic. We go to pick up Aidan's prescription and buy some more baby stuff while we wait for the medicine and food that we ordered. I could feel myself starting to get sick. We get home, feed Aidan and give him his medicine. Put baby to sleep. Eat. Get allergic reaction to Korean soup. Aidan is passed out and happy. Thank goodness!
Friday - BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all we say about that. We were supposed to meet up with my cousin Jessica, Aunty Lass and Uncle Tim but Aidan and I were too sick to be with people.
The Weekend - Attempted to unpack and do laundry.
Monday - Feel better. Aidan is almost back to normal. He's less fussy and starting to babble again. We met up with Aunty Patty, Uncle Roy and his family for some dinner. Aidan is in love with Uncle Roy's grand-daughter Kiani. She danced and sung for him. It was nice to get out of the house.
Yesterday - YAY! We feel normal!!! Finished laundry and unpacking. Took some phoots. Played with Aidan. So nice to hear him laughing more than coughing.
Today - We attempted to go for a walk. Hopefully we'll get a chance later today. We might meet up with Uncle Roy's family again for to watch a basketball game. Aidan is taking a nap right now, which is the only reason that I'm finally able to give an update and post more photos.
I'm hoping to get a chance to see more family this week. I'm so excited to see my cousin Jessica. It's been a few years. She's kind of like a sister to me - us biting and sitting on each other and all.
Anyway I can hear my little bambino starting rouse so I'll wrap this up. Check out the photos below. I'll post another shoebox soon on my website.

That's how bright it is - I can't even keep my eyes fully open.
Aidan sleeping in an outfit Grandpa got him.
What now mama?
Rice cereal! Yum.

It's really yummy.
I like my walker.
My beautiful bambino.


Anonymous said...

So glad you both made it safely to your new home and are feeling better. That must have been aweful! Your family must be so excited to have you close by again though ... that alone is worth airport battles and more!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick. Korean SOup?? What the heck did they put in it? That sounds pretty miserable. And I hate mean doctors. I have my first appt with Soren's knew doctor next week and he better be nice. And keep posting pictures of beautiful Hawaii. It's so nice for those of us who are still stuck in snow.


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