February 3, 2009

For sentimental reasons...

As I sit here looking out at the snowy conditions and worry about whether or not our flight will be delayed - I think about how it was when I arrived in Massachusetts. Snow, snow, ice, slush, more snow and yada, yada, yada. I guess my journey here in the home state of the Kennedy's has really become a full circle.

I came to Mass in the hopes of experiencing the city life and have a job away from children; I had been a babysitter throughout colllege, au pair for a year after, and then a family assistant when I returned to the states. After two months of my arrival I had found a job at great company full of zany and good-hearted folks.

Nine months later I had found an apartment in the heart of the city. It was weird to leave my family in Rowley, who I had grown to love so much and become accustomed to the go-go life they lead. Then when I moved into the city apartment I was all by myself for the first night - my roommates were out of town. After a few months I had learned that the city wasn't really my style. I loved to work in it but it was nice to have the change of pace when I came home to my cousin's house in the country. Though I am thankful that I did move in with my roommates because they're both very special to me now.

I have made some great connections here, some I know that will last for a lifetime and some for just a moment. I'm thankful for all of the connections that I've made...every last one.

One important connection brought the most beautiful and precious person into my life, my son, Aidan. I'm a little bummed that he won't be able to experience growing up in a great place; full of great history and passionate people but I know that our next place of adventure will be just as fulfilling, if not more.

Though I am excited to be in a place of constant warm weather and new culture - Boston will always have a special little nook inside of my heart and I'll always consider it a home.

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Anonymous said...

Bon voyage, dear! Here's wishing you (and Aiden!) all the very best in the next chapter of life!


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