December 24, 2008

Singing my way into the New Year.

In an attempt to not be cliched or cheesy but still sentimental I opted to provide a 2008 soundtrack. This was a difficult task since I love so many songs but 12 songs for the twelve months.

Here it goes:

1. I'm so tired - The Beatles (because I couldn't figure out why I felt so fatigued)
2. How soon is now? - The Smiths (making the BIG decision with little time)
3. Styrofoam boots - Modest Mouse (it was just the song of the month - I couldn't stop listening to it)
4. Love Song - Sara Bareilles (to show that i wasn't going to change for a certain somebody)
5. In the backseat - Arcade Fire (the howling towards the end of the song was how i felt and wanted to do during May)
6. Bennie & the Jets - Elton John (another song of the month - it was happy and that's how i wanted to feel - it worked)
7. Svett och taarar - Snook (i was thinking of Norway a lot this month, though it's a swedish song)
8. I want candy - The Strangloves (the month where i craved anything and everything)
9. A tie: Breathe by Telepopmusik and Joy by Talib Kweli (the month that Aidan was born - should be obvious)
10. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) - The Arcade Fire (another song of the month)
11. Another tie: Winter's Love by Animal Collective & Gold Lion by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (Winter's Love is such a sweet song and is perfect with the snowy scenery of New England and Gold Lion was what pumped me up on my way to work)
12. Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby (We're moving to guess where!!!!)

So I listed more than 12 songs but each of those songs symbolize a feeling/mood or event that I happend during each month.

I'll also do one more song to help me get pumped up for 2009:

Harder, better, faster, stronger - Daft Punk (I actually almost used this one for #9 but I like my other choice better.

And of course enclosed in every CD or soundtrack is a thank you, mine are listed below by nickname (for privacy purposes and fun) and in no particular order:

The Old Goat & Hawaiian, Funk Princess & her family, H. Golightly & her family, Diddy, my Rowley family, Kapeka & her french man, 25 Bay State Rd #4, Sugar Plum, Booboo Bear, TBG familia, KW, the Australian Uncle, my neighbor, Kawehi & Guardian of the Sea, Fancy Face, Clay and her gracious children and their children, ALL, my Trooper Rd family, the Barnes, all of my wonderful international friends (or expat friends)/family (heia Norge!), my family in WA, CA & HI, and most of all my little man who makes me laugh and greets me in the morning with nothing but smiles.

2008 has been a year of great surprises. I most definitely look forward to 2009 with the same hope and optimism that I had for 2008, maybe even more.

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