December 18, 2008

Favorite things about motherhood

I was looking at my old post, "Anticipating Motherhood," and thought I would comment on what my 10 favorite things about motherhood are, so far.

10. Bath time, Aidan isn't a fan when he first touches the water but then he'll simmer down and realize that the water feels good and it's like being back in the womb. He seems confused as to what's going on - what's this stuff? Why does it feel like this? Why do I have to go in here to get clean? Why is mommy making goofy faces at me and talking to me like a crazy person? Why does my spit up make mommy want to change the bath water? Or at least that's what I think he's thinkin'. Thankfully he hasn't peed or pooped in the bath water...yet. The part I enjoy best about bath time is the post-bath time. I wrap him up in the towel and carry him to the living room where the baby oil awaits to massaged onto Aidan. The little man looooooooves his massage but mostly just his legs. He'd rather have his tummy kissed and have his hands free to suck on.

9. Diaper changing - I put this on the top 10 because of Aidan's face when he gets his diaper changed. He gets the biggest smile on his face when he's getting new pampers on. Plus, I'm using eco-friendly diapers, "Nature Babycare."

8. Reading to him - he is and isn't interested in books. He likes to hear my voice and does stare at the pictures but he also tends to look around the room. I think he'd rather try to understand what's in his world and not in the book's.

7. Witnessing his developments. It's a gift to be able to hear your son's first giggle or watch him lift up his head while on his stomach or see him smile in reaction to you. Aidan is an amazingly alert baby - he loves to stare at people (he loves people in general) and makes the cutest furrowed face. He's also a big flirt, as soon as he says a lady he's all I going to be in troubel when he's older? Anyway, the first time I heard him giggle I wished that I had had some sort of recording device. Or the first time he lifted his head to a 45 degree angle and I praised him for it he had such a big smile. Then when he started to babble and coo, which he loves to do a lot, it was priceless - my son was trying to communicate and understand his body. Everyday Aidan is trying to understand what he can do with his body and I feel so fortunate to witness every discovery.

6. Playing with him. This could fall under the category of witnessing developments since that's part of why I play with him but I also play to let him know that he can have fun with mommy. Know that I am his guardian and friend. He loves to stand on my lap and I love to try to make him bounce while staning on my lap. It's also fun to blow raspberries on his belly - though he's not sure what to make of that yet. I'm just always trying to get him to laugh and stimulate his mind.

5. Singing to Aidan is a real treat. He likes it when I sing softly or silly to him. His favorite lullabies are Pu Pu (a hawaiian lullaby) and Que linda manito (a spanish lullaby). I'll sing contemporary songs and he enjoys listening to the stereo but in times of frusturation he loves his lullabies.

4. Going on walks or trips with him. He's so amazing, he'll either fall asleep within 5 minutes of a walk or trip and be out for the entirety of it or wake up and still be cool with his new surroundings. It's amazing how mild tempered he is. I think as long as he sees a familiar face when he wakes up he feels secure. When Aidan is awake I like to point out the trees or buildings surrounding us and I also like to think he understands.

3. Coming home to Aidan. I miss him terribly at work so when I come home and see his face I feel so relieved and whole again. It's funny though I would still be a working mom even if I had a choice. It's not like I long for him when I'm at work, I do miss him and think about him all the time and amazingly still get work done but it's just when I get home and am with him, I'm whole. Perhaps it's because of the pregnancy, we were like a whole.

2. Co-sleeping. I love hearing his breathing, it's very reassuring and soothing. Even though his little fingers tickle my arms during the night and it annoys me, I love it at the same time, it's kind of like an loving thing that he does. I also love waking up and seeing his beaming face. He's excited for the day - as long as I change his diaper in time - otherwise he's a little upset with me. Anyway, Aidan's a great little sleeper - he'll wake up a few times to be nursed but then he'll passout after he's full. It's great to cuddle with him.

1. Breastfeeding. It's funny that I had this as #10 in my other blog and it's now my ultimate favorite thing. It is the highlight of my working day when I get to pump and it is the highlight of my morning and evening when he nurses. It's probably the "giving of all" to him. My body is providing nourishment for him even with him outside of my body. It was amazing enough when he was inside of me but to be able to do still - it's a gift. I'm aiming to do it for the whole year and it's acutally upsetting when I don't pump my usual amount. Besides the nourishment, it's the bonding that takes place. Everytime he looks up at me while he's nursing I can't help but melt because it's pure love that's coming through his eyes. I encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies because of the amazing bonding experience.

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