December 29, 2008

Oh the holidays...

My mom's Christmas present. Aidan's hand and footprints. How sweet! This was done when he was just 2 months.
Our first holiday photo together. How sweet.
Happy baby on Christmas.
Weird concotion that Kathy did (Jello surprise!)
Aidan made out like a bandit for Christmas this year with lots of clothes and toys. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to his very expansive wardrobe and toy collection. He's got an outfit for each day until he's 18 months. My gifts to him were his first stocking (recycled from sail boat canvas) with a sailboat sewn on it, a beanie & mittens, a puffy 80's looking jacket, organic rattle and teething toy, and two Putomayo cd's (French & Hawaiian Playground). My parents got him Baby Einstien's Introduction to Bach (very cute, he likes listening and watching the little blonde girls, I think it's the whole babies like to watch little kids thing). I just did laundry yesterday so he'll be sporting the new clothes now. Of course at the Hanlon get together on Christmas day, I hardly held him. Uncle Mark & Janet held Aidan for the majority of the day. It's good for Aidan (and me) to get used to other people holding him. A Hanlon Christmas isn't a Hanlon Christmas without some caroling and turkey sandwiches. Christmas eve was spent at my Uncle Don and Lizzie's place where you could find a weird concotion that Lizzie's sister, Kathy, put together of Jell-o, some kind of nut, cherries, and some other jazz that I didn't dare touch. My cousin Cassie was bold enough to try it and survived. It was a nice filled with lots of laughter and hugs. All in all it was a good holiday.
I did my best to buy local or organic for everyone this Christmas and hopefully lowered my carbon footprint my doing most of my shopping online. I think I used just 3 websites in total for ordering. Next year I'll try harder.
Not sure what my plans are for New Year's Eve, probably just hang out with the little man and watch the fireworks go off on the tele. Hope you're all doing great!

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