July 18, 2008

Power kicks and judo chops - 31 Week OB Appointment

Nothing exciting about this week's appointment other than I need to get more iron in my diet. "You're doing fabulously, but could you make sure you work on this, that, these, and those? Thanks." It comes with the territory though and I appreciate that the doctors and nurses do their jobs and make sure that each patient is on top of their game, this is a very special and important adventure; so we must be well equipped.

On the way back to work from the appointment a stampede of students, who were enjoying the African-American History tour of Boston, almost pummeled me to the ground. In my head I was judo chopping a way for me to walk through the hormone filled adoloscents but I ended up doing action as well. It was embarassing - CRAZY PREGNANT LADY MARTIAL ARTS HER WAY THROUGH GENTEL HIGH SCHOOL CROWD. Some of the students moved out of the way and some of them jested with me. I felt so bad, I didn't mean to wave my hands in the air like a crazy person....I only meant to think it. I blame the baby, he made me do it.

That's the update for now. The weather still feels oppressive; I feel like I'm hauling an oxen with me wherever I go. C'est la vie.

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