July 16, 2008

Goldi Locks of Baby Bumps

It seems as though the general public feels as though they have the right to comment on a pregnant woman's baby bump. Comments such as, "Oh my you look small for "x" months" or "Goodness, you're carrying low and big. You're going to pop soon!" seem to be the favorites of people on the street.

They also feel as though they have the right to touch your abdomen, as if having a noticable ball attached to my stomach means that I'm community property. Strangers even feel as though they have that right!

Advice for those of you who haven't experienced this blessed time in a woman's life:


The same rule applies for non-pregnant women and men in general, do not invade a person's space bubble. If you would like to have the privilege of touching the bump, please ask first.

Another rule, most women don't like to hear about their body image unless it's positive, it's pretty much the same for pregnant women. Don't compare because there are many different ways to carry a baby, so generalizing in general......nicht gut! Women don't enjoy hearing that their bum is big or that their hair is frizzy. Pregnant women don't like to hear that they look big for 4 months or 7 months, nor do they like to hear that they look small for 8 months....they might freak out even though they know their baby is healthy.

People are not community property. Please remember that.

That is my venting for the day.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I am serious when I say that the next time someone even reaches for your tummy - you should scream and fall the the floor - curl up in a ball and rock back and forth. Maybe then people when think you're crazy, and they'll tell people about the crazy pregnant lady and no one will ever want to touch your bump again. Serious - try it tomorrow. I LOVE YOU!


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