July 28, 2008

My foundation - family & friends...

Since my pregnancy/the anticipated arrival of my little man was announced I've felt an overwhelming feeling of love and support from my family and friends - far & wide.

I even have a male friend (purely platonic) that is kind enough to escort me to my childbirth preparation class. He even got the "you're a good friend" from the other mamas and the papas of the class. That he definitely is.

My amazing cousins (The Hanlons) are like a massage to my aching back.

My besties (Brooke, Megs, & Paul) well they know everything and do anything to make me feel like a beautiful being.

The gals at work (Ra-Chanda) are my laughter.

My parents - from my mom's instant reaction of a smile when I told her the news to my dad's obsession of finding the perfect shower gift - have been outstanding through everything.

And all of my other friends and family - I'm very fortunate to have such a great foundation of love in my life. The situation isn't the ideal but it is going to be the biggest and greatest adventure I will journey.

Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, gifts, and unconditional love.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

It's because we all just love you! And you've always been such a wonderful, kind friend to all who know you.


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