August 1, 2008

Chanson du jour

Song of the day for me is:

"In the back seat" by Arcade Fire.

It's all about the howling. Most days I wish that I could just howl to the moon, or the smelly person sitting next to me on the train, or the creepy stranger who dares reach for a bump touch.

I wish I could slide on the bow that strokes the strings in this song. Sliding sounds really nice right now - but a more appealing playground gear is...the swing. Am I allowed to go back to 1st grade for two hours?

Anyway, the mournful lyrics of this siren song isn't what pulls me is simply the boldness in the woeful sound. From the gentle taps of the piano keys (that I can seriously feel on my back) to the strong wails of Regine Chassagne makes me break free from my bier.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

You and I need to hang out today. We would be a good match. Darn those miles!

So i will know what I'm having next Wednesday! I'm excited/disbelieving/nervous.


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