June 25, 2008

Half Way to 50/ Quarter of a Century

I have now joined the "Half Way to 50" club along with some of my dear, dear friends.

Some pictures to show and please remember I'm.....a sacred vessel:

Birthday cake made by my lovely cousins.

Work crew.

More work crew.

Smiley gals.

Yep, that's me & the little man with his auntie.

Coworker trying to offer the little man a drink....21+ more years pal.
Our Intern Extraordinaire and me.

The gathering was really for the Intern Extraordinaire's last day before he headed out South to Mexico for a quick break before he landed in San Diego for his next internship. We will sorely miss him but know that we'll keep in touch. He has a great future ahead of him for sure.

On Saturday, I was joined my cousins for some strawberry picking (sadly I left my camer at home)...but the pickin's were slim. Then just hung out (passed out for a few hours) with the fam until it was time for dinner, Cassie's game (she hit a home run and I say it was for my birthday), and then cake. The great thing about the Hanlon girls is that they love cake, so any reason to bake a cake, they're all in. Another great thing is that they thought Saturday was my birthday, so they prepared a cake for me on Friday, my actual birthday, but when they found out that it was Friday, they decided that the cake and I should be celebrated with song and consumption....even if I wasn't around for the festivities. The next day, they baked me another cake and this time I was around for the celebration. How Hanlon classic. I love it!

The next day, John and Collette were kind enough to donate their time and gas so that I could get the crib that they're lending me in the house. I'm quite excited to have a crib in my house finally! It's all becoming even more real. It isn't set up yet but will be...the little man isn't here yet so no need to worry about having it together yet.

Thankfully, the apartment is coming along and I will take photos when it's closer to being finished. Another thanks goes to my parents and Walmart for some baby clothes. My little man's first clothes have Mooses and Automobiles....definitely getting ready for a boy!

Anyway, I think that's that for now. I'm becoming scatter brained lately which is really frusturating. I'll be thinking of something one second and a millisecond later, I'll forget it. They say it's normal but it's annoying.

Until next time.

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Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ally! Thanks for the good tip with the maternity pants thing. I'm going to have to check that out. Feel free to pass on any more words of wisdom, oh experienced one. You're looking good!


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