June 30, 2008

Beantown Visit from the Workmans

Baby Noah, Stephanie, Micah, & myself (Museum of Science)

I'm not sure what it is about family but whenever I see them I just feel like I came back from a weeklong spa retreat. For instance when my cousin Joanna came to visit I felt so like I could dance along roof tops like Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins" and when I saw my cousin Micah, his wife Stephanie, and their son Noah I felt the same way. That was this weekend's visit.

It had been probably 10 years since I had seen my cousin Micah, excluding when I came to visit our Grandma before she passed away last year. We both were definitely not old enough to be having children but here we are, he with his wife and son and me expecting my little man in a few months. It's crazy where time and life takes people or where we let it take us.

So, before they left for the East Coast his wife, Stephanie, was kind enough to send me a message to let me know they would be in town. How could I pass on opportunity of seeing more family, plus meeting the newest member of the Sperber (Workman) clan.

Here's how our day together went:
-Picked me up in Salem
-Drove to Beantown to hop on a Duck Tour but before that....
-Scooted over to Faneuil Hall for some food (strawberry frozen yogurt....I felt like 8 again) and tourist items purchasing (Stephanie became obsessed with Lobstah and speaking like she was from Southie, cute)
-Cruised back to Museum of Science for Duck Tour
-Greeted by a viking clad Sven (thank goodness for spandex because I wouldn't have wanted to see his wabbly bits)
-Toured it around the city while Noah napped until the Charles River
-Noah drove the duck
-After the tour we skipped to the North End for some "elegant" Pizzeria Regina
-Returned to Salem only to be sad that the day was over and the Workmans had to voyage back West

I've decided that I might become "one of those moms" as in taking infinite amounts of photos of her baby. My conclusion to this comes from taking over 300 photos of Noah, a baby who isn't even mine. On my little Nikon I am able to take just over 1000 fine print photos.....I will probably need to buy more memory cards. Watch out my house walls may only be covered of pictures of my little man. Hello, my name is Aljolynn and I am snap happy-crazy.

The visit with the Workmans was too short and I hope to make it out West so that I can see them again or perhaps I can convince them to move East? Cajoling might be the word of the season when it comes to them.
To see more photos please go here: http://asperber.zenfolio.com
Click on the "Visit from the Workmans" Gallery.

Stay tuned for more.

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