June 20, 2008

27 Week OB Appointment

Today was the almighty gestational diabetes testing....yum (GROSS!).
Just in case some of you don't know how the test goes:
You walk into the exam room, drink a cup of what looks like Coke/Pepsi/Poison then wait an hour, someone draws blood (sometimes jams the needle and pokes it around inside my vein because apparently the blood was drawing fast enough....it feels like a steel worm trying to snuggle itself inside of me and then you hope to goodness that you don't have gestational diabetes.
Reasons to not get gestational diabetes:
1) Big babies inside any uterus = C-Section....not ideal and just not healthy.
2) It's not healthy for the mama. You could end up with pre-emclampsia and have an induced labor or end up on bed rest.
3) You might end up with diabetes for the rest of your life if your kidneys can't function properly after birth.
4) It's just not fun. So exercsie and eat healthy...like a Tiger!
For more info:
During the hour waiting period I pretty much fell asleep until probably the 50th time my name was called. Thankfully, I didn't drool.
The baby seems healthy, strong 140 heart rate this time. He is at the size he should be (14 inches, 2lbs). I was informed that I will not have an ultrasound performed unless a medical reason arises. This bummed me out because I want to see a picture of my little man! But I can deal and be thankful that so far I don't have any serious medical reasons to look at him through an ultrasound.
To see what they're supposed to look like at this stage:
My EKG results came back normal, so I'm not some dying pregnant woman.
I gained another 4 lbs, which is healthy but it's a bit discouraging because I sometimes see other cute, tiny pregnant women and wonder if they're more comfortable or less comfortable than I am. I'm actually qutie comfortable and mobile so that's all I can ask for in that department. My clothes don't fit as well....duh....but I still have some shirts (baby-doll/empire style) that people wonder if they're maternity or not.....he he he....they're regular clothes! Though, the downside is I have probably stretched them but they don't feel stretched.
Speaking of stretched....I see my first sign of stretchmarks! They're not very apparent but I can see them....they're very light....thank goodness. My biological mom, Patty, told me she didn't have bad stretchmarks with me so I'm hoping the genetics are on my side. It's amazing how vein a person can be when her body is supposed to be making these changes. I don't mean to be but I am. It doesn't make me less maternal, just human. It's hard to remember sometimes but I am only human....and a sacred vessel ;o)
My birthday is today. Awesome, I'm a quarter century old....half way to fifty. It shall be celebrated with co-workers. We're going to head out for one of our intern's goodbye party and my birthday party....well gathering actually. Not much to say about my birthday other than I'm very thankful to be in this world. Thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes and my parents for their thoughtful gift!
I will take some photos this evening and post next week.

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