June 19, 2008

Bird Poop

On Tuesday, I was having a nice lunch with my friend Adam in Boston Commons, when all of the sudden I felt something drop on me. I asked Adam if a bird pooped on me and at first he didn't see anything but then I lifted the hair off my shoulders and low and behold.....there was bird poop!

Get it off!

After rubbing the poop into my new dress, he informs me that bird poop brings good luck. I told him he's full of crap but he insisted that it was but he didn't know why.

So when I return to work, I tell my coworkers of my tragic story of bird poop and everyone gleams to tell me that, "It's good luck!"

Why is bird poop such great luck? I was recited quotes from "Under the Tuscan Sun," but no real substantial answer.

Does anyone know why bird poop is good luck?

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