May 6, 2008

Personal Assistant Please?

Okay, I don't know how people do anything these days without the help of a PA (Personal Assistant) because right now I feel as though I could use one.

With researching baby products to searching for apartments and working all day my mind just begins to fry!!!!

How do I solve this? My close friends know that I've always wanted a Cabana boy...but not just for spritzing but to do everything for me! It's the nice way of saying I'd like a man-slave. Someone to do my laundry, cook me dinner (although I actually really enjoy cooking), apartment hunt, baby product research, pay my bills (as convenient as automatic bill pay can be...I still get scared and always double check), write my e-mails, research sanitary pools for prenatal swim classes, look for mommy to be groups/single mother groups, surf the net for convenient prenatal yoga classes, and massage my lower back (that's where most of my pain resides). Why a man? Because I need strong man hands to get the knots out of my lower back. The last woman that was able to penetrate deep enough was Stephanie and we no longer live together :o(

But in reality I will not be able to find this man nor could I afford him. And I sincerely apologize if this posts feels like man-bashing. That is not my intent. It would be nice if I could have this person around so I could focus on work and staying healthy for the baby.

So from here on out, I am Super Mommy-to-be in training.

Wish me luck.

Though I cannot find this person within someone else I know that I can find that person within myself. It's just a challenge is all but I signed up for it when I decided to carry Linus.

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