May 6, 2008

Registry Crisis - Part Deux

Here is the link to Babies R Us:

When I select "Strollers" under "Gear" I am provided with an abundance of stroller chioces.

Strollers for boys or girls. Strollers from birth- 12 mos and up. Stroller by price, brand, why consumers like it and on and on and on.

When I choose a stroller by age (birth - 12 months) I am confronted by another page of more options on narrowing down my choices. It's not all that big of deal but since I am the first of my friends to do be doing this....I'm just a tiny bit overwhelmed by all of the brands of products that I need to get for little Linus. gives me a list of baby essentials, in fact, so does Fit Pregnancy or Pregnancy & Newborn. But they didn't inform me that I was going to have so much fun picking the right stroller/carrier/high chair/crib/onesie/finger nail clippers/baby shampoo/etc.

Even yesterday I was just browsing in a cute baby store, "Mulberry Road" and started to hyperventilate thinking about whether or not a certain onesie is going to be comfortable/big/small/secure/warm enough for Linus. Or will this look good on him?

I think it's time for me to go back to Step 1 and ask a mama for advice instead of trying to figure this out all on my own.


Mary Kai said...

My 2c, not that you asked for it- but take it or leave it as you will. Strollers- travel system is great, spend the extra $ for something light weight. They've come a long ways since Makena was born but that was my biggest gripe at the time. If you can get just the frame to go w/ the carrying seat that is even better- less to lug around.

Mary Kai said...

Oh and one more thing-- all the lists that they give and say you 'need' for your baby- divide them in 1/3's. That's really all you need. lol- the Kimono tops/onesies are the best for fragile little newborns.


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