May 5, 2008

Registry Crisis!

Holy freakin' nuts!

So, whenever I've been going into shops I've been peeping at the baby section to see what kind of cute fashions are out for the little ones. They're cute and soft. Reasonably priced. So fun to look at!

But today when I started my baby shower registry, I began to flip out! The website has a checklist of 1 million cajillion things for these little persons! Within the infinite amount of baby products are another infinite amount of brands! (Yes I am actually screaming inside of my head at the thought of this)

I thought I had done my research but obviously I need to do more. Eternal parenting student I shall become.

Examples shall be provided tomorrow because I must run to pick up my mom's Mother's Day gift.


1 comment:

Kiera said...

I'm so excited. Is this going to be a global registry?

You do realise that you must, MUST, have a fabulously adorable diaper bag of some kind. And, if you are going for strollers, definitely go for those uber-transport friendly dutch ones...

My friend swears by it...


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